Lucta is a socially responsible organization and as such bases its economic growth on sustainability


Definition and Principles of Sustainability

Lucta is a socially responsible organization and as such bases its economic growth on sustainability.

We have consequently integrated social and environmental responsibilities into all aspects of our business in order to ensure that our economic development does not negatively impact on future generations.

The four main principles for sustainable development are based on:

  • Quality starting in the design, development and production all the way through to the supply of our products (ISO 9001 certification)

  • Health and safety, based on protecting the health and well-being of our employees, providing them with ever safer facilities to work in

  • The environment, in terms of the reduction of our environmental footprint, minimizing waste generation, industrial emissions and energy consumption (ISO 14001 certification)

  • Social responsibility, based on the company’s Code of Ethics

Every five years, Lucta, S.A. proposes a series of objectives in the areas of health, safety and the environment in order to improve our approach to sustainability.

To achieve our mission of commitment to sustainable development we base our work on a set of principles which are binding for all who work with Lucta and on which we base our Code of Ethics. These are:

  • Creation of trust (innovation, quality, service…)

  • Health and safety

  • Social participation

  • Respect for human rights

  • Integrity, confidentiality and honesty

  • Protection of the environment

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lucta we contribute to sustainable development with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which we incorporate into out mission of satisfying the needs of our customers (current generations) without compromising the opportunity for future generations to satisfy theirs.

Therefore, the company willingly integrates social and environmental concerns into its production and commercial operations. By doing so, Lucta is making a promise to sustainable economic development and works with employees, their families, the local community and society in general to help improve quality of life.

All this is done in accordance with the Policy established in the Code of Ethics.

Over the years, the Lucta Group has worked with a number of bodies and non-profit organizations involved in activities that promote and foster social integration and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Likewise, Lucta has always encouraged its employees to make a contribution to society and has organized numerous internal campaigns for specific causes such as collecting shoes or donating IT equipment to Africa, or the collection of toys, school supplies, text books and teaching materials.

Lucta as a member of the Responsible Care program, applies each and every one of the principles of this voluntary initiative of the chemical industry.

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The Environment

Lucta is committed to respecting the environment during the carrying out of its activities.

This respect for the environment plays a fundamental and overriding role at Lucta. For this reason, Lucta has implemented an Environmental Management System in Spain, certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

Lucta’s Environmental Management System is based on:

  • Commitment from senior management

  • Compliance with legislation, applicable requirements, other subscribed voluntary requirements and internal standards

  • The identification and evaluation of environmental effects

  • Training of employees and subcontractors

  • Minimizing pollution and waste generation

  • The establishment of environmental objectives and programs

  • Information for third parties

Lucta advocates sustainable development within its environmental policy, based on the principles of Responsible Care, in the surroundings where it carries out its industrial activity.

Lucta, as a member of the Responsible Care Program, defines its Environmental Policy as the commitment to protect the environment in order to improve the quality of life of its employees and society in general.

In order to achieve this, Lucta enforces these rules:

Natural resources

  • Do not waste any type of material

  • Do not waste water, a scarce resource

  • Reduce energy consumption, control air conditioning, lighting, etc.

Discharge and spills

  • No waste or polluting product should be discharged into the sewer system

  • Avoid spills by handling and transporting products with care

  • In case of spillage, treat immediately with absorbent material.

  • Do not use water in the treatment of spills


Reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. For this:

  • Consume only the necessary quantities of raw materials, packaging and other materials

  • Separate, classify and deposit waste in the specific containers to facilitate recycling

  • Reuse materials as much as possible


  • Use the cleanest fuels

  • Control operatingconditions

Since 2003, Lucta S.A. has produced an annual environmental report that describes Lucta’s actions regarding environmental aspects and their corresponding impact. To this end the company has studied and assessed the most important aspects including consumption, atmospheric emissions, waste water discharges and waste generation, evaluating their impact both in absolute value and in terms of actual production.

Lucta also has multiple international certifications for each of its factories, which endorse the application of the aforementioned policies on quality, safety and the environment.

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