Our Feed Additives Division is committed to working towards sustainable solutions for palatability, efficiency and animal welfare, as well as the preservation of feed, ingredients and premixes. 

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In this final part of the series, we will discuss how the fishmeal and fish oil shortage and high prices are impacting the aquafeed industry and the potential effects on aquafeed producers and farmers in the medium term.

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Excited to announce that our US team is exhibiting at the Minnesota Pork Congress!

Stop by Booth #227 for the Midwest`s top swine-focused event, packed with innovative exhibitors, insightful seminars, and exclusive activities for pig farmers and pork enthusiasts. See you there!

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Would high fishmeal and fish oil prices allow for faster scale-up of novel ingredients?

With the increasing demand for sustainable aquafeeds, alternative proteins including insect meal and single-cell proteins are gaining relevance. High fishmeal and fish oil prices drives innovation, investments, and regulatory support of novel ingredients. Collaboration between industry and consumers favors market acceptance.

The market opportunity for alternative proteins is clear and is hoped to lead to a rapid expansion of sustainable options.
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Feed formulators have many alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil, but they are not without challenges.

According to Sofia Morais, our Innovation Aqua Team Leader: “This reduction has
been achieved by technological improvements (e.g. beter processing of certain vegetable
meals) but also by optimizing the use of different traditional land-based feed ingredients
by combining them so that a single ingredient does not surpass a certain (potentially
adverse) threshold. In other words, having a diverse basket of ingredients has been key to
substantially reducing fishmeal and fish oil levels in aquafeeds”.

Do you want to know more? You have the full open access to the article in our bio!

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Discover the power of tributyrin (TBT) in aquaculture!

Recent research co-authored by Sofia Morais, our Innovation Aqua Team Leader, was focused on the impact of TBT, a source of butyric acid, on rainbow trout fed a diet rich in plant ingredients. Over 44 days, juvenile trout`s response to diets with varying TBT levels were observed.

The results? While overall growth and feed efficiency remained consistent, an enhanced immune and antioxidant responses in fish with optimal TBT supplementation was noted. This exciting discovery indicates that TBT can significantly boost fish welfare in plant-heavy diets.

Join us in exploring innovative approaches to sustainable aquaculture! You have the full open access to the article in our bio!

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The cancellation of the first Peruvian anchovy season and the current high prices of fishmeal and fish oil brought new challenges to the aquafeed industry.

According to Sofia Morais, our Innovation Aqua Team Leader: “Replacing fish oil with conventional lipid sources (vegetable or animal-based oils) in fish diets reduces growth performance and FCR as well as product quality, such as educed omega-3/omega-6 ratio in fillets and increased fat deposition in body tissue”.

In this context, what are the alternatives? You have the full open access to the article in our bio!

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A recent study co-authored by Sofia Morais, our Innovation Aqua Team Leader, found that umami taste stimulants in rainbow trout diets can notably improve their physiological responses.

The research revealed that adding an umami-based additive to a diet high in soybean protein concentrate significantly enhanced digestive and absorptive function and activated gut-brain axis mechanisms regulating feed intake.

This finding has important implications for advancing aquaculture nutrition practices using reduced fishmeal contents.

Do you want to know more? You have the full open access to the research on our bio!

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A groundbreaking research article, with the participation of Sofia Morais and Jose J. Pastor from the Animal Science Unit within Lucta`s Innovation Division, has been recently published in `Frontiers in Immunology`. This prestigious journal, the official publication of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) and the most cited in its field, is leading the way in immunological research, spanning basic, translational, and clinical studies.

The study reveals how adding a blend of pungent spices to the diet of gilthead seabream significantly enhances their growth, efficiency, physiological and immunological condition. By reducing reliance on fish oil, this innovative approach not only promotes better fish performance but also aligns with sustainable practices in aquaculture. This publication marks a significant contribution to the field, showcasing a dietary innovation to support in the strategic use of fish oil in aquafeeds.

Do you want to know more? Find the link in our bio!

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Check out our recent Aquaculture Asia Pacific magazine article, ‘Maintaining shrimp feed attractability at a time of decreasing availability of marine raw materials.’

Results from this study indicate that it is possible to substantially improve the attractiveness of shrimp feeds using a concentrated palatability enhancer containing no ingredients of animal origin.

Link to access the whole article in bio!

If you prefer, you can directly ask our expert Sofia Morais, one of the authors of this interesting article.

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Lucta will be present at Vietstock Vietnam (from October 11 to 13 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam). Are you going to miss it?​ Join us at our booth #A38 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), District 7. We will show you our innovative and sustainable solutions for palatability, efficiency and animal welfare.

Our Innovation Swine Manager and PhD Sergi López will be also presenting the seminar ‘Maximizing Sow Feed Intake and piglets’ performance during Lactation’. Make sure you join us in this interesting talk, which will take place at the Seminar Room B (Feed/ Nutrition) from 02.15 to 03.00pm on Oct 12.

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Modulation of feeding behavior through the use of innovative sensory strategies. Our continuous improvement in innovation and palatability is reflected in our new developments included in the following product lines: 

Sensory strategies to modulate animal feeding behavior, in terrestrial and aquatic species, with benefits in animal performance by changing the organoleptic properties of the diet.

Functional sweeteners and flavors to increase voluntary feed intake by masking anti-nutritional factors and cocktails of additives present in diets that compromise the acceptability of the feed.

Optimization of the digestive and/or metabolic function to improve animal performance and welfare.  Our continuous improvement in innovation towards better efficiency focus on the optimization of digestive and metabolic processes to improve nutrient absorption and utilization in healthy animals. Additionally, by acting on the digestive functionality with benefits in the barrier and immune function of the gastrointestinal tract, we aim to maintain the physiological condition of the animal and improve its performance. 

Sustaining the physiological condition of a healthy animal is a continuous challenge. Our ongoing innovation aims to develop new feed additives to stabilize the physiological condition of healthy animals in challenging situations that may be present in their life or in specific stages of the productive cycle.

Efficient protection against oxidation. Our ongoing evolution in innovation and antioxidants is reflected in the new developments in our product line:

Its main action is to protect additives, ingredients, premixtures and complete feed from oxidation processes to preserve their nutritional value and to guarantee effectiveness during their shelf life.

Efficiency and effectiveness in the protection and safety of feed and its ingredients. Our continuous improvement in Innovation & other preservatives is reflected in new developments of the product line:

Effective acidification, which consists of a synergistic combination of different acids contributing to the preservation of the animal feed and the drinking water, which enable to enhance a better use of nutrients and to prevent dysbiosis along the gastrointestinal tract.

Safety in feed production. Complete range of mould inhibitors, in solid and liquid form, designed to prevent a decrease in the nutritional value of feed ingredients and compound feeds and the appearance of mycotoxins.

Bacterial control in feed ingredients and compound feed. Preservative for antibacterial protection, in powder and liquid form, based on organic acids and designed for the control of pathogenic microorganisms in feed ingredients and compound feed.

The statements corresponding to each product may vary depending on the geographical area. For further information, contact Lucta, S.A.

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