Lucta is a global company, founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1949, dedicated to the manufacture of fragrances, flavors and animal feed additives.

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The boy with the white coat soon began to acquire great knowledge of perfume. It was a new world for Ernesto, who lost his hearing early. Guided by his father, the kid would become an excellent Perfumer and artist and started to inspire the steps of the family business thanks to his sensitivity and talent, which he began to transmit when he was very young.

One day, Ernesto became President of that company, Lucta. Since then, inspired by his legacy, Lucta has kept transporting consumers to a world of sense and sensations through fragrances that emerge in nature and perfumes that transmit cleanliness, care, and wellness.

Happy #InternationalFragranceDay!

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We join the celebrations for Poultry Day, highlighting our focus on sustainable and effective solutions for palatability, efficiency and welfare for these species.

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Lucta`s global team of flavorists, food scientists, and culinary experts develop tailor-made aromatic solutions to satisfy each consumer group`s expectations and demands from a wide spectrum of products.

If you want to know more and you`re at the Food Ingredients China event, come and meet us at our stand (NH Hall, NA30 / NB31). We’ll be happy to assist you.

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State-of-the-art and innovative flavoring compositions. Our teams of specialists combine science and passion to design flavors best adapted to the market. In close collaboration with our customers, we provide the best flavoring solutions for each project. 

Passionate about fragrances, we are a team focused on offering our customers creative and innovative fragrances which inspire consumers, providing a unique sensory experience. 
Our Feed Additives Division is committed to working towards sustainable solutions for palatability, efficiency and animal welfare, as well as the preservation of feed, ingredients and premixes.


Innovative Solutions

Inspiration through Innovation

State-of-the-art and innovative flavoring compositions.

Creative and innovative fragrances with consumers in mind.
Innovation applied from palatability to animal welfare.

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