Passionate about fragrances, we are a team focused on offering our customers creative and innovative fragrances which inspire consumers, providing a unique sensory experience. 

Committed to consumers and the environment, we specialize in creating fragrances for home and personal care products. At Lucta, we have a fragrance for every need.


Creative and Innovative Fragrances with Consumers in Mind

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LuctaOdorFree® is our malodor counteracting technology. Based on a mixture of raw materials, this solution helps reducing the concentration of bad odor, both at chemical and sensory levels.

The combination of LuctaOdorFree® with Lucta fragrances provides a pleasant olfactory perception.

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The fifth chapter of our #ThrowbackLucta series shows a captivating catalog of the company’s early years.

Passionate about fragrances since we started, we are a team focused on offering our customers creative and innovative fragrances which inspire consumers, providing a unique sensory experience.

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Our European Fragrances Team is at SIMPPAR, the International Exhibition of raw materials for Perfumery that takes place in Paris, France, from May 31st to June 1st. The event represents all sectors of the Perfumery industry like producers of essential oils and natural extracts, manufacturers of aroma chemicals, biotechnologies, distributors, equipment and software, and packaging, amongst others.

At Lucta, we are eager to get to know first-hand all the new trends in raw materials and innovative technologies to always offer our customers the best service.

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At Lucta, we believe in the health and well-being of consumers and the planet. Committed to sustainability and going one step further, we introduce you LuctaCaps Pure®, a new range of biodegradable encapsulated Fragrances for Fabric Care.

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‘This is what the public wants’. This claim belongs to one of our vintage flavors catalogs from the 1950s. At that time, Lucta was already working hand in hand with our customers to design the best flavor solutions for each project.

Enjoy the second chapter of our #ThrowbackLucta’ series as much as we do!

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The boy with the white coat soon began to acquire great knowledge of perfume. It was a new world for Ernesto, who lost his hearing early. Guided by his father, the kid would become an excellent Perfumer and artist and started to inspire the steps of the family business thanks to his sensitivity and talent, which he began to transmit when he was very young.

One day, Ernesto became President of that company, Lucta. Since then, inspired by his legacy, Lucta has kept transporting consumers to a world of sense and sensations through fragrances that emerge in nature and perfumes that transmit cleanliness, care, and wellness.

Happy #InternationalFragranceDay!

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A fragrance for every moment. We design innovative and creative fragrances that imbue the home or car with a special and unique ambience. 

Fragrances adapted to any type of air freshener, in line with the latest olfactory trends. From delicate fragrances inspired by nature for a lighter, more subtle and refreshing ambience, to refined essences inspired by the most delicate perfumes for more sophisticated and elegant ambiences.

We like to care about the small details in the design of our fragrances, because we know that they can add a personal touch to each moment and each place.

We turn domestic chores into sensory experiences. Domestic chores will no longer be arduous work and will become fun and sensory experiences thanks to  specially designed perfumes for home care and cleaning products: household cleaners, floor cleaners, dishwashing liquids, specific cleaners, etc. 

We are committed to our customers, offering a wide range of stable, effective and creative perfumes, in a wide variety of household cleaning products.

Sophisticated and long lasting fragrances for textile care. We like to take care of all the family’s most-loved garments, that is why we develop fragrances with an exclusive and personal touch to perfume laundry detergents, softeners and additives. 

Caring, cleaning and lasting fragrances for laundry. Our microencapsulated fragrances ensure the lasting of the perfumes on laundry and maintain the smell of clean clothes again and again.

Creative fragrances for personal care. In line with the latest olfactory trends in perfumery, our creations offer the consumer an unexpected sensory experience. Imagination and fantasy are reflected in the most creative, delicate and sophisticated essences for skin and hair care products.

Refreshing bath and shower gels, stimulating shampoos or delicate creams, perfumed with fragrances that convey a sensation of care, cleanliness, hydration and softness. Personal hygiene will become an aromatic and sensory experience. 

We love our pets, maybe just not their odors! Lucta offers an array of pleasant fragrances that not only enhance the experience as a pet owner but offer more of a clean olfactory perception in your home. Our LuctaOdorFree®   technology can be used in grooming, cat litter and cleaning products to assist odor neutralizing formulas that can eliminate the challenge of pet-related odors.

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