Passionate about fragrances, we are a team focused on offering our customers creative and innovative fragrances which inspire consumers, providing a unique sensory experience. 

Committed to consumers and the environment, we specialize in creating fragrances for home and personal care products. At Lucta, we have a fragrance for every need.


Creative and Innovative Fragrances with Consumers in Mind

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LuctaCaps Pure® is our range of biodegradable encapsulated fragrances for fabric care, merging sustainability, innovation, and emotion. This product reflects Lucta`s commitment to the health and well-being of consumers and the planet, allowing users to enjoy freshness and the scent of clean clothes for longer while contributing to environmental conservation.

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Lucta`s LuctaOdorFree® technology, based on a blend of raw materials, effectively reduces the intensity of unpleasant odors, improving environments at the chemical and sensory levels. Paired with Lucta`s fragrances, it offers a dual benefit: minimizing malodors and enriching the olfactory atmosphere for a more enjoyable experience.

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Ever wondered how your favorite air freshener delivers consistently delightful scents? At Lucta, we delve into the science of scent with our advanced sensory evaluation booths. Designed with meticulous attention to structure and materials, these booths are the cornerstone for evaluating perfumes for air fresheners and household cleaning products.

What sets our evaluation process apart is the independent and fully automated control of temperature, humidity, and air flow within these booths. This innovative feature enables us to replicate any environmental condition, ensuring that when we evaluate perfumes, we`re considering how they will perform in the real world, under real conditions.

Join us on a journey to redefine the future of household fragrances. Discover the precision behind the pleasure.

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Discover the extraordinary story of Ernesto Ventós, who defied his deafness to become an exceptional perfumer. His sensitivity and talent have inspired generations, guiding the family business in creating fragrances that transport us to nature, conveying cleanliness, care, and well-being.

On this International Fragrance Day, we pay tribute to Ernesto Ventós, former President of Lucta and visionary artist. His legacy endures through the @fundacione_ventos , keeping alive his philosophy that "words are forgotten, scents are not." We celebrate the past, live in the present, and anticipate a future full of fragrant emotions. Since 1949, Lucta has built an emotional relationship with fragrances, guided by Ernesto’s eternal inspiration.

Happy #InternationalFragranceDay!

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Today, indulge in a journey that tantalizes both taste and scent. Imagine a meal where each bite is a symphony of flavors, and every fragrance tells a story of togetherness.

From the rich aroma of a perfectly seasoned dish to the sweet whisper of a delicate dessert, let`s celebrate an unspoken language through your senses.

Cheers to creating unforgettable moments under the glowing candles!

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At Lucta, we believe that every moment and every space deserves to be extraordinary.

Driven by the pulse of the latest trends, our team of expert perfumers crafts exquisite fragrances, infusing life into candles and reed diffusers. We`re not just creating scents; we`re tailoring personalized atmospheres, perfecting fragrances that transform your home care experience into something truly unique.

Join us on this sensory journey, where every fragrance is a story waiting to be told.

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At Lucta, we understand that in the competitive world of consumer products, success it`s about making a statement.

As fragrance experts, we are instrumental in helping our customers launch successful products in the body wash market. Identifying year-round olfactive and combining them with trend-forward ingredients is our expertise.

Recently, our perfumers expertly blended the earthiness of trendy forest scents with the enduring allure of vanilla and lavender to create a fragrance fusion that seamlessly blends novelty with tradition. This approach not only entices consumers with a modern twist on a classic favorite but also ensures a compelling fragrance for our customers` successful products.

Our concept experts, fragrance creators, and ingredient specialists collaborate seamlessly to elevate fragrances in the body wash market.

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Embark on a scented journey with our last #ThrowbackLucta!

In this special edition, we`re spotlighting our Fragrance Division and revealing a nostalgic collection of our most innovative scents.

Lucta has consistently blended sustainability with delightful innovation. Let`s celebrate our adventure together!

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We`re not just about fragrances; we`re experts with industry knowledge, crafting unique olfactive blends driven by global trends.

Global Trend Alert: According to GlobalData, 42% of consumers worldwide express concerns about scalp problems, with 23% actively seeking a healthier scalp (Euromonitor). Mega social trends like #hairtok on TikTok, boasting 22 billion videos globally, confirm and drive this growing demand. And we`re here to address this movement head-on.

Unlock Scalp Care Secrets: Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and salicylic acid— powerful skincare ingredients—are now haircare champions in the booming skinification trend, allowing consumers to prioritize trusted ingredients.

The Lucta Solution: Our expert perfumers blend beloved moisturizing ingredients—coconut, aloe vera, jojoba, and avocado—with scalp care heroes like mint, tea tree, and trending rosemary to bid farewell to dry scalp and hair while providing a memorable fragrance.

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A fragrance for every moment. We design innovative and creative fragrances that imbue the home or car with a special and unique ambience. 

Fragrances adapted to any type of air freshener, in line with the latest olfactory trends. From delicate fragrances inspired by nature for a lighter, more subtle and refreshing ambience, to refined essences inspired by the most delicate perfumes for more sophisticated and elegant ambiences.

We like to care about the small details in the design of our fragrances, because we know that they can add a personal touch to each moment and each place.

We turn domestic chores into sensory experiences. Domestic chores will no longer be arduous work and will become fun and sensory experiences thanks to  specially designed perfumes for home care and cleaning products: household cleaners, floor cleaners, dishwashing liquids, specific cleaners, etc. 

We are committed to our customers, offering a wide range of stable, effective and creative perfumes, in a wide variety of household cleaning products.

Sophisticated and long lasting fragrances for textile care. We like to take care of all the family’s most-loved garments, that is why we develop fragrances with an exclusive and personal touch to perfume laundry detergents, softeners and additives. 

Caring, cleaning and lasting fragrances for laundry. Our microencapsulated fragrances ensure the lasting of the perfumes on laundry and maintain the smell of clean clothes again and again.

Creative fragrances for personal care. In line with the latest olfactory trends in perfumery, our creations offer the consumer an unexpected sensory experience. Imagination and fantasy are reflected in the most creative, delicate and sophisticated essences for skin and hair care products.

Refreshing bath and shower gels, stimulating shampoos or delicate creams, perfumed with fragrances that convey a sensation of care, cleanliness, hydration and softness. Personal hygiene will become an aromatic and sensory experience. 

We love our pets, maybe just not their odors! Lucta offers an array of pleasant fragrances that not only enhance the experience as a pet owner but offer more of a clean olfactory perception in your home. Our LuctaOdorFree®   technology can be used in grooming, cat litter and cleaning products to assist odor neutralizing formulas that can eliminate the challenge of pet-related odors.

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