Inspiration through Innovation

State of the art and innovative flavoring compositions.

Our teams of specialists combine science and passion to design flavors best adapted to the market.

In close collaboration with our customers, we provide the best flavoring solutions for each project.



Expert manufacturers of expansive and long lasting flavors, with excellent plastifying behavior, for bubble-, chewing-, and coated pellet- gums, in both sugar and sugar-free versions.

Design of flavors for jelly beans, gummies, and extruded licorice in every possible recipe: gelatin, pectin, agar-agar, and starch based formula.

Experience in deposited, stamped hard candies, and soft chews.

In-house application. Ability to design mock-ups and creative concepts such as coextrusion, fillings for chewing gums, etc.

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Excellence in fruit and dairy flavorings designed for a whole range of bakery products.

They have been specifically designed for each kind of dough and pastry, biscuit, cracker, cookie, muffin, or cake.

We are on the leading edge of flavor design for both industrial and artisanal bakery margarines, pan- or deep-frying shortenings, margarine spreads, as well as reduced and low-fat spreads.

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The latest flavoring profiles for application in dairy based or dairy related products: imitation dairy products, set, stirred or drinkable yogurts, every type of fermented milk, acidified milk beverages, and milkshakes.

Efficient masking technology for off-flavors in products such as functional milks, plant-based beverages, and dairy alternatives.

Natural juicy or zesty fruit profiles for a fully satisfying flavor experience in fruit based dairy beverages.

Extensive collection of flavorings for gelatin desserts and their vegan alternatives; they cover a whole range of profiles, from traditional red fruits to bolder, more refreshing or exotic ones.

Our combination of excellence in dairy and fruit flavors along with expertise in application and state of the art processing pilot plant equipment, enables us to offer the optimal solution to every challenge faced by the dairy industry.

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Our dedicated coffee team collaborates with Coffee Roasters, RTD beverage manufacturers and HoReCa customers to provide successful and original flavor solutions for hot and cold coffee beverage concepts. Lucta creates flavored coffee beverage prototypes specific for formats like ground coffee, single serve coffee (capsule, pod, stick pack) and RTD coffee, amongst others. Our custom formulations guarantee the proper balance between our customer’s coffee base and the resulting brewed cup of flavored coffee.

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Soft Drinks/Alcoholic Beverages

The combination of flavor creativity with our fully-equipped pilot plant, for replicating industrial conditions, empowers us to carefully and reliably design flavoring solutions for each beverage, be it carbonated or still soft drinks, beers, hard sodas, or liquors.

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To improve palatability, Lucta develops flavors specifically designed for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and oral and lip care.


Meat Products

We provide customized solutions for cooked, marinated, and dry cured meat products.

We cover the entire spectrum of products, from injected whole muscle to “chunked and formed” cooked ham; from emulsion-type to coarse ground sausages.

For each application we have expertise in optimizing balanced combinations of meaty, spicy, herbal, and smoky notes for pork, beef, and poultry products.

We excel at masking off-flavors, such as those derived from functional ingredients associated with cost-effective recipes, from oxidation processes, or from salt and fat reduction, to name a few.

Our innovative approach is based on traditional culinary science, meat gastronomy, and cutting-edge volatile analysis. It allows us to design the most natural and successful profiles for each customer.

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Flavoring solutions designed by our expert flavorists for potato or tortilla chips, pellets, extruded snacks, crackers, croutons, or microwave popcorn.

From meaty to dairy, seafood, or vegetable profiles, our flavoring solutions are inspired by traditional cuisines of the world, without ignoring other more daring nuances, for a unique and delightful sensory experience.

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Innovation in Flavors