Our Essence

A world of flavors, fragrances and feed additives, with creative solutions that generate trust in most demanding customers


The Value of Doing Things Well

  • Social responsibility, expressed in business ethics, respecting the law, human rights and the environment.

  • Valuing people, through fair remuneration and an environment that promotes their full development as individuals and as professionals.

  • Quality of work, in terms of assuming the required responsibility,initiative and creativity so that all our work can meet the standards demanded by our customers.

  • Spirit of service, displayed in a fast, appropriate and accurate response to all requests, both internal and from our customers.

  • Creation of value, for customers, employees, society, shareholders and suppliers, through sustainable, profitable and self-financed growth.

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To the Taste of Our Customers

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers in order to guarantee mutual success.

Our vision is to be a trusted supplier to our customers.


A Positive Impression

At Lucta we believe that the success of companies lies in offering a differentiated service, in creativity and in the ability to adapt to the environment.

Since its creation in 1949, Lucta has grown thanks to its customers, suppliers, employees and other collaborators. All of them, to whom we are deeply grateful, have helped to create our corporate philosophy. Lucta’s special flavor is based on:

  • Specialization: The knowledge acquired in the sectors in which we specialize in terms of trends, technologies and R&D is the best guarantee of efficiency and quality for our customers.

  • Service: We stand out for the service we offer our customers. This consists not only in a fast and appropriate response but in taking a real interest in their concerns and in developing a close relationship with them.

  • Creativity: The exclusivity and originality of each fragrance and flavor designed by Lucta are a key element that allows our customers to develop unique products to ensure consumer loyalty.

  • Definition and Foundations of Sustainability: We respect the environment, we use natural resources in a coherent way, we control and recycle waste and we reduce emissions.

  • Reliability: We use the strictest monitoring and traceability systems that guarantee the maximum safety of our products.

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More than 60 Years of History Building for the Future

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