Quality Policy


Our commitment to quality is based on:

  • Continually improving the efficiency of our Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements established in UI\IE-EN ISO 9001: 2008

  • Applying indicators to measure the effectiveness of key processes to enable their continual improvement

  • Implementing the necessary actions to achieve the planned objectives and the improvement of processes, thereby increasing customer satisfaction

  • Ensuring that the needs of our customers as well as all applicable legal obligations are defined, understood and communicated correctly across all levels of the company

  • Supplying the organization with the resources, means and personnel necessary to carry out its activities, thereby satisfying our customers’ demands and meeting the objectives of continual improvement

  • Guaranteeing traceability of our product

  • Establishing the necessary channels of communication and training to ensure our collaborators (both internal and external), suppliers and sub-contractors understand the levels required in terms of quality and food safety

  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers and sub-contractors based on their level of compliance with the communicated requirements in quality and food safety

  • Applying this spirit of quality to all aspects of the company’s business so that quality, customer service and the safety of our products are the main objectives