Enhance Taste, Reduce Cost
Discover Luctaboost™

Our advanced flavor technologies are designed not only to elevate and boost your products’ taste but also to provide cost-saving solutions. 

Dive into our comprehensive white paper to explore the science behind Luctaboost™ and unlock the potential of your products.

Meet Industry Standards with Luctaboost™

In today’s challenging economic climate, food and beverage manufacturers require innovative solutions to face unprecedented pressures that impact profitability due to rising raw materials costs, supply chain disruptions, the marketplace competitiveness, and the rapidly evolving trends.

At Lucta, we help you overcome these challenges with our flavor enhancement portfolio. With Luctaboost™ you can create exceptional products that captivate consumers and drive success.

Why Choose Luctaboost™?

Enhanced Taste and Product Claims: Elevate your product’s flavor profile and reinforce product claims, captivating consumers with every bite or sip. 
Cost Efficiency: With volatile ingredient costs, Luctaboost™ helps you potentially reduce formulation expenses while maintaining exceptional taste quality.
Versatile Flavor Boosting: Enhance flavors like umami, cocoa and sweetness. Improve mouthfeel, boost salty taste in reduced sodium products, and deliver robust, delicious flavors across various applications. 

Noteworthy: Cocoa Enhancement

The global cocoa shortage has led to a 237% price increase*, but Luctaboost™ offers a timely solution by potentially reducing cocoa usage by up to 30%.

This innovation ensures you maintain premium quality while effectively managing costs.

*ICCO, April 2024

Download our Luctaboost™ White Paper

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    Lucta, Your Strategic Flavor Partner

    At Lucta, a global, family-owned company, we are dedicated to infusing passion into flavor innovation. Our approach goes beyond the traditional roles of a flavor house, providing tailored solutions that empower you to envision your business from a fresh perspective.