Lucta collaborates with the Ukrainian community

03-03-2022/ by Lucta/ Category :

With the safety and wellbeing of people as our priority, Lucta wanted to support the community of Ukraine, making an immediate contribution to Fundación Acció Familiar Barcelona (Family Action Barcelona Foundation). This foundation locally addresses the urgent humanitarian needs of...

Fundación CONTIGO

15-09-2021/ by montse/ Category :

On 14th of September, Lucta attended, as a sponsor, the charity dinner organized by the Foundation Contigo Contra el Cáncer de la Mujer (With You Against Women’s Cancer), in support of its research programmes aimed at improving the diagnosis and...


09-11-2020/ by Lucta/ Category :

On October 26th, as a founding member, Lucta signed the certificate of incorporation of Feeling Innovation, the new Association for innovation in fine fragrances, cosmetics and personal care, promoted by STANPA, Asociación Nacional de Perfumería y Cosmética. In accordance with...

Lucta joins the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter

01-07-2020/ by Lucta/ Category :

Committed to developing more sustainable practices in the Flavor and Fragrance industries, Lucta is pleased to join the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry) Sustainability Charter. The Charter complements corporate sustainability programmes by helping...

Luctarom® BitterOff: A tool for overcoming dietary aversion

08-06-2020/ by Lucta/ Category :

Feed palatability critically affects feed intake and, therefore, growth performance. In turn, palatability is highly dependent on feed composition. Several plant-based ingredients and botanical bioactives often used in pig diets can trigger bitterness and ultimately lead to a reduction of...

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