Lucta S.A. Responsible Care Principles


The Responsible Care program is a global, voluntary initiative of the chemical industry. Its main purpose is that all companies adhering to it include, in all areas of their work, continuous improvements in safety, protection of health and the environment in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development.

Responsible Care is an international program which is currently applied in 53 countries and to which Lucta is affiliated since 1993.

By signing up to this program , Lucta has made a commitment to perform all its operations while continually improving safety, protection of health and the environment. The company has established qualitative and quantitative objectives for improvement so that the progress achieved can be seen. This is a way to prove the correct behavior of the company – and the industry as a whole – to the community. Making the results of these endeavors known to the public leads to an increase in the credibility and trustworthiness of the industry.

The 8 fundamental principles of Responsible Care:

  • 1. Adherence to the Guidelines

  • 2. Use of the Responsible Care logo and name

  • 3. Development of Management Systems

  • 4. Quantitative Performance Indicators published in FEIQUE’s biannually published Update Reports

  • 5. Promotion and implementation of the program

  • 6. Transparency and Communication of the company’s activities

  • 7. Responsible Care is a forum for the exchange of best practices in the management of safety, health and the environment

  • 8. An external process for checking the verifiable elements of Responsible Care