27-07-2012 / by Lucta/ category :

On July 25, the Dutch Business Association in Barcelona (KNB) visited Lucta.

This association, established in 1968, gathers Dutch managers and directors who have a business activity in Catalonia. It is one of the largest and most active organizations of the kind in Spain.

Leaded by the Vice President of the Association, the large group of professionals who visited us covers a wide entrepreneurial field of activities. The Chief Executive officer of the Group Lucta made a corporate presentation of the company which brought many comments and questions from the audience.

A great interest arose also around the visit to the departments of Fragrances and Flavours Design, the R&D Division as well as the distillation and reactors premises.

We are very thankful for the interest that KNB in its function of business network has shown towards Lucta. This has given us the opportunity to get acquainted and exchange impressions with a very active and prosperous first-rate group of professional people.