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At the recent International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs (DPP 2012) in Colorado, Lucta sponsored a pre-conference, entitled “Gut Chemosensing: Integrating nutrition, gut function and metabolism in pigs”.

With close to 350 attendees from 28 countries, Lucta considers the event as a success and an acknowledgement from the industry that gut chemosensing is an emerging area of functional relevance for gut physiology and health, nutrition, and/or the production of pigs.

Over the last few years, gut chemosensing research has gained in speed as scientists continue to make new discoveries. The pre-conference was an opportunity to provide the industry with an update of the latest advances and communicate the potential of the science.

At Lucta, we are expanding our research efforts to gain a better understanding of gut chemosensing in pigs and other species as well. We are also aiming to determine the possibility of developing practical applications. Based on outcomes obtained so far, we are gaining confidence in the potential that gut chemosensation holds for enabling the development of sound technological interventions in animal production.