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活动日期: 从 25-05-2016 00:00h 至 26-05-2016 00:00h

On the 25th of May 2016, together with our Distributor in Thailand, Better Pharma and the team of Lucta Guangzhou, Lucta organized a conference on Manipulating Feed Intake in Piglets.

The aim was to carry out an update on the latest strategies in the use of palatability enhancers in piglets and their improving influence on consumption in both, maternal and pre-starter feed. These strategies allow influencing the feeding behavior before weaning, with the consequent reduction of stress, thus enabling a smooth transition in the post-weaning growth.

The conference was attended by all our VIP clients in the Thai market and we picked really positive comments. We were encouraged to organize this kind of technical meetings with regularity, given the high technical level shared with the market, allowing Lucta to constantly reinforce its leadership image in palatability.